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Foil for removal of Permanent PolishProducts code: FOLIJA ZA ODSTRANJIVANJE TRAJNOG LAKA - 50 kom

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Aluminum foil for easy removal of Permanent Polish. This aluminum foil is far stronger and thicker than conventional foil which can be bought in a drugstore. Thicker foil accelerates the removal of permanent polish.

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Product description

20 pieces of aluminum sheets of certain dimensions covered in a particular part with the cotton pad.

Put Permanent Polish remover Franela on cotton pad, which is located on the aluminum foil. Fold around the nail plate strongly. Aluminum foil attach to the nail plate so that there is no air between the nail plate and aluminum foil. Within 5-7 minutes remove the aluminum foil rotating around your finger. Most of the Permanent Polish is removed and the remaining part should be removed with a wooden stick or cuticle pusher.

The advantages of using aluminum foil with cotton wool:
     20 sheets of custom size
     Cotton pad is on the foil
     Easy and convenient
     Very professional
     Less use of Permanent Polish remover because it needs less soaking
     Ideal for hands and feet

Opis grupe proizvoda

The basic material and liquids that we use:
The base for Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish 2in1
Permanent Polish in color
The Shine for Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish 2in1

1.    The Primer is placed at the edge of the cutticle, and air dried for 2-3 minutes.

2.    Superbond is placed across the plate and dried in air. After air drying the nail plate is sticky and shiny. It is dried in air for 2-3 minutes.

3.    Base coat is applied as a first layer - polymerized in UV lamp for 2 minutes

4.    Permanent Polish in color - apply a thin layer on the Base of Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish  2in1. It's sufficient to put just one layer, but sometimes it is necessary to put two layers.

5.    Permanent Polish 2 in1 base/shine- applied as the third layer - polymerized in the UV lamp for 2 minutes. After polymerization you must wipe it with the Cleaner.

Permanent Polish is applied to the natural nail. It is designed for clients whose nails leaf, brake or bloome. After a few treatments with Permanent Polish clients can have their beautiful natural nails. Permanent nail polish Permanent Polish) lasts for 3 weeks, and even more (in principle Franela Permanent Polish can last on hands takes as many days as you want).

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