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130 Permanent Polish Franela, french white, 8mlProducts code: 1932-130N-8

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Permanent Polish Franela, french white, 8ml. One of the best things of Permanent Polish Franela is natural look. Your nails will look beautiful and cared for, and yet natural. Try and be impressed!

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Product description

Simple aplication. Apply in thin layer before finishing touch. Then cure if for 2 minutes in UV lamp.

It looks great in combination with base (natural look color) like beige or natural pink (133,134,137).

Easy to operate with, regardless of your previous experience. Watch video instructions.
The process of working with Permanent Polish is quite similar to the process with UV gel.
The basic material and liquids that we use:
The base for Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish 2in1
Permanent Polish in color
The Shine for Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish 2in1

The main thing is to prepare well the nail plate:
Make sure there is no shine on the nail plate
Make sure there is no dust on the nail plate
When applying Permanent Polish should not touch the skin
• Do not paint it thick
The advantages of Permanent Polish:
It lasts for weeks
Excellent gloss
Apply only a thin layer
After curing a Permanent Polish FRANELA does not retreat!
It is not necessary to close the edges – it won’t pull out!
Permanent Polish is sensitive to detergents. Therefore, do not use strong solvents without protective gloves.
Removing Permanent Polish:
With a file remove the upper layer of Permanent Polish matt the plate. Put on the cotton 100% acetone. Put it on the nail plate and wrap with aluminum foil (thicker sheet). Compress the nail plate and aluminum foil. Put in the UV lamp for 4 - 5 minutes.
Remove the foil from the nail and remove Permanent Polish from the nail plate. With a polishing pad remove the rest of the Permanent Polish.

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