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Gel polish - what is gel polish, what is the difference between gel polish?

Gel polish - what it is? Formula for gel polish.
Gel polish is a nail polish that lasts longer than ordinary nail polish, abou 2 weeks and more. Gel polish is removed solely with solvent in couple of minutes (up to 10 minutes) - not with a file.
Everything else is not gel polish but uv gel or combination og gel polish and uv gel. The main thing is that it lasts and that it is removed with solvent, and not with file.
Gel polish, types of gel polish, what is gel polish, whai is the difference between gel polish? How to know if the beautician applied gel polish or gel, why some gel polish is removed easily and others are removed hardly? 

Are you sure that you have a quality and real gel polish on your nails?

Before applying gel polish on your nails you should know if the gel polish will remove easily with solvent or hardly like having uv gel. Ask the person who does your nails and request an answer. If the answer was with a file, then ask from which brand gel polish it is. It is not the same which gel polish you are using.

Most, unfortunately, is mistaken about what is gel polish. There are several reasons why, for example: they have uv gel on their nails but they are convinced that they have gel polish. Why it is like that:
•    Because they did not see the right procedure at person who applied them gel polish 
•    Because the person who is applying gel polish does not use high quality gel polish, because they are mixing uv gel and gel polish
•    Because they are removing gel polish with a file instead of removing it with gel polish remover

Because of all this, clients really think that they have gel polish and that everything is done properly. However, reality is different. 

When you find a person who gel polish:
•    removes with solvent 
•    when you have gel polish that lasts at least 2 weeks 
•    when she removes all of the gel polish and nicely prepares nails for new application
•    when you have only 1-2 layer of color on your nails and they are not as thick as when you have an uv gel
then you should not replace that person. You will probably sit a minute longer at that person. But there are reasons for it. The person does her job properly, she is protecting and caring about your nails, she does not mix uv gel and gel polish, she does not speed up the job by using a file, she does not apply new gel polish on the surface from before... These are all small things, but your nails will remain high quality in the long run.

Most gel polishes, even the most well-known and expensive ones, have big problems like:
•    They last short on nails, they are separating at the ends 
•    After 7 days, the top coat cracks
•    Too thick nails because they need to apply more layers due to poorly pigmented gel polishes in color
•    Removing with file
•    The change of color at nails after 7 days
•    Withdrawal of gel polish for few milimeters... 

Sometimes the persons who are applying gel polish, they are applying it wrong on purpose and sometimes because of the ignorance. For example, intentional mistake is when they are applying base for uv gel and not the base for gel polish. The result is obvious when you need to remove the gel polish - it can be removed with file. Why are they applying uv gel base? Because they don't want to invest in basic material, and that is base for gel polish, because they think it is unnecessarily.. But they do it all out of the ignorance. If they knew how important it is, they would think about it because of the future. Sooner or later, the clients will notice the difference.
The second mistake is when they mix different manufactures. They are not even aware of what this means, for example, is the chemistry of gel polish compatible. Most think that everything is the same, but it is not. 

What is the most important with gel polish: 
•    to remove it with remover and not with a file
•    that the nails are not as thick as with uv gel
•    to remove all of it and not to leave any thin layer
•    that it lasts at least 2-3 weeks

Why it takes a lot of time to remove and apply gel polish in some beauty salons? Do you look at the quality of your nail before and after applying gel polish? Does the person who does the nails removes gel polish with file or with gel polish remover? Does she remove all of gel polish or she leaves one thin layer?

All of this is very important if you love your nails and if you know who do you give your nails to. 
Do not trust a person who does your nails and removes them with a file. Every time she passes a little bit over the nail plate i it is slowly getting thinner. All she needs to do is lightly mattify with nail polishing block over the polished nail, apply gel polish remover, wrap it in aluminium foil and wait for 5 minutes. The remains of gel polish will stay in aluminium foil and maybe one tiny part on nail plate. You can remove that excess with fingers and not with rough pushers or metal tool.

If the person who is removing your gel polish, removes it all with gel polish remover and does that within 10 minutes without file, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. If the person who does your nails did not do that, then you can really wonder if you have gel polish on your nails or uv gel and does that person knows what she is doing.
Often, people who work with gel polish apply uv gel on clients nails because of the fear that gel polish won't last at least 3 weeks. They do that because of the ignorance and fear of clients complains and dissatisfaction. At the same time, they are doing the damage to you without you being aware. Of course, damage to your nails.
If you would like more information about gel polish, please send inquiry on e-mail: info@umjetninokti.hr

Do not be disappointed with gel polish and don't be persuasive:
•    That it lasts shortly on your nails
•    That it is removed with file 
•    That it flakes on the top 
•    That you need to apply 2-3 layers of color, etc.
All of this is the cause of bad gel polish. Remember, you have not tried the real gel polish. Because of some bad gel polishes does not mean that everyone is bad. Try FRANELA gel polish and convince yourself. See the application of gel polish and gel polish 3in1.

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