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Permanent Polish instructions:

Easy to operate with, regardless of your previous experience. Watch video instructions.
The process of working with Permanent Polish is quite similar to the process with UV gel.
The basic material and liquids that we use:
• The base for Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish 2in1
• Primer
• Superbond
• Permanent Polish in color
• The Shine for Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish 2in1
• Cleaner

  1. The Primer is placed at the edge of the cutticle, and air dried for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Superbond is placed across the plate and dried in air. After air drying the nail plate is sticky and shiny. It is dried in air for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Base coat is applied as a first layer - polymerized in UV lamp for 2 minutes
  4. Permanent Polish in color - apply a thin layer on the Base of Permanent Polish or Permanent Polish  2in1. It's sufficient to put just one layer, but sometimes it is necessary to put two layers.
  5. Permanent Polish 2 in1 base/shine- applied as the third layer - polymerized in the UV lamp for 2 minutes. After polymerization you must wipe it with the Cleaner.

Permanent Polish is applied to the natural nail. It is designed for clients whose nails leaf, brake or bloome. After a few treatments with Permanent Polish clients can have their beautiful natural nails. Permanent nail polish Permanent Polish) lasts for 3 weeks, and even more (in principle Franela Permanent Polish can last on hands takes as many days as you want).


Natural nail plate should be degreased. Cuticles on the nail plate should be suppressed. Using white polishing pad we matt the natural nail plate and remove excess skin. Once we are confident that we well prepared nail plate - cleared all the bumps and cutticles and that nail board does not shine, we put a thin layer of Primer .

After the primer has dried it is necessary to look whether the nail plate shines. If after drying the nail plate has some shine, we go over it with a polishing pad untill it has no shine. After that, on the nail plate we apply liquid SuperBond. SuperBond serves so that nail plate and Permanent Polish attach better. SuperBond is applied in a thin layer and dried in the air for 2-3 minutes. After you place SuperBond on the nail plate, it becomes sticky and greasy.
After applying SuperBond we put a thin layer of base 2in1 and polymerize it  in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.
On the base layer we put a thin layer of Permanent Polish in color. If necessary, two layers can be applied but is not required.
For last cote we apply durable Permanent Polish 2in1-base and shine. It must be polymerized in UV lamp for 3 minutes. After polymerisation we take off excess with a mild Clenaer.
2 in1 base-shine: at the same time the base and the finishing touch. If you use the base 2in1 then removing Permanent Polish is a little harder with acetone. If you use a Permanent Polish base (not base/shine 2in1) then removal is easy and removes with acetone in a matter of minutes.
Only now we shape the nail with a file on the edges. Then we put cuticle oil on the cuticles and gently move the nail. With a cotton swab we wipe the excess oil. To achieve better shine is necessary with a clean dry cotton swab polish nail polish. In the way so that the nail plate squeeks several times.

The main thing is to prepare well the nail plate:
• Make sure there is no shine on the nail plate
• Make sure there is no dust on the nail plate
• When applying Permanent Polish should not touch the skin
• Do not paint it thick
The advantages of Permanent Polish:
• It lasts for weeks
• Excellent gloss
• Apply only a thin layer
• After curing a Permanent Polish FRANELA does not retreat!
• It is not necessary to close the edges – it won’t pull out!
Permanent Polish is sensitive to detergents. Therefore, do not use strong solvents without protective gloves.
Removing Permanent Polish:
• With a file remove the upper layer of Permanent Polish – matt the plate. Put on the cotton 100% acetone. Put it on the nail plate and wrap with aluminum foil (thicker sheet). Compress the nail plate and aluminum foil. Put in the UV lamp for 4 - 5 minutes.
• Remove the foil from the nail and remove Permanent Polish from the nail plate. With a polishing pad remove the rest of the Permanent Polish.

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