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Hands and nails are every woman's business card. Psycho analysts have long ago concluded that our hands reflect our personality. Hands are always exposed and often complement our speech to help our listeners better understand us. For many men nurtured hands are the most beautiful parts of woman's body. Therefore, hands manicure is not only desirable but necessary. To make a manicure treatment successful two factors must be present: a capable beautician and use of top quality substances.
Salon Franela offers services of the most complete hands and nails care. It deserves it's top position in the world of cosmetic services for hands and nails by having top quality products and treatments. We employ only the most educated manicurists.
What makes our salon special?
We only use products that contain no harmful ingredients. Polishes contain no formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate and creams are free of parabens. These chemicals are harmful for our organism and provoke irritations of airways, pose a danger for skin and liver damage and malformed embryos.
We use naturally based cosmetics free of harmful ingredients: almond oil, cucumber oil, nail bleech based on grapefruit and mulberry. Creams contain: shea butter, cocoa, chocolate, Irish moss, lavander and many other scented ingredients.
In a pleasant ambient, in a city center (Robna Kuća RI - 2nd floor), we offer these services:
  • Manicure
  • Varnishing
  • Soak off gelation
  • Nail extension - templates
  • Nail extension - nail tips
  • Natural nail gelation
  • Nail extension correction
  • Lacquer painting
  • Gel painting
  • Decoration with stickers
  • Decoration with acrylic paints and glitters
  • Nail art - one stroke (Chinese painting)
How can you tell if salon Franela it the right place for you?
  • First contact - over the phone. In the first few seconds you can get a very good or very bad impression. Our expert staff is polite, patient and answers your questions rationally.
  • Conversation - the polite staff will always instruct you and clarify which service you want, how long it will take and what exactly is included in the price. In a case of a discount on particular services you will be informed, but final decision is always yours.
  • Salon cleanliness - can you see the remains of dust or past clients? Containers with products are clean, staff's clothing is clean and pressed and their hair is neat. Worktable is in order, containers are clean, towels are not dusty or stained by gels or lacquers, they are always fresh.
  • Exact periods - terms are always kept precise for clients and everything is prepared in advance.
  • The staff always wears gloves or disinfects their hands in front of you. They are willing to advise you but a it's up to you if you will accept their advice.
  • No questioning in the salon - if you've been somewhere else before and the work was not done very well, our staff will not question you. They don't care. Polite and professional staff will use this time to gather information necessary to do exactly what you want.
  • Booking your term in advance or according to your wishes is possible even after business hours. We're available for our clients when they need us.


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