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Individually...totally devoted....
And in order for educations to be by anyone's measures they have to be exclusively individual - individual approach to each person.
Group education, big groups or group of two or three people is already in the begining a mistake and unworthy to students. Everybody has their individual needs, knowledge and abilities.
We maintain education for uv gel technique and gel polish, as well as increasingly searched nail art.
Someone will instinctively know how to hold the file in hand while some will need hours to overcome it. Somebody will therefore be perfect in making of "C-curve" with gel, while someone will waste milliliters and milliliters before putting gel where it needs to be. It takes time to overcome every step in building artificial nails, it varies from person to person. Therefore, it is irresponsible to encourage the students to adhare to predeterminated pattern and schedule of course because then we don't respect their personal tempo and needs.
Therefore, we in Franela provide our students time and space reserved exclusively for them and the pace that we work, we keep up with their wishes and needs. No mather if it is education for gel polish or gel techniques.
...and hourly!
The biggest disadvantages of classical educations lie precisely in time limitation.
Franela does not limit you, you choose time of education yourself.

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