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The most popular nail decoration these days is with chrome powder with which you achieve mirror effect. The only chrome powder on the market that leaves a nice mark without dots in monotonus tone with real mirror effect. With Franela powder there is no philosophy on applying and you will certainly achieve the real mirror effect.
To get the true mirror effect, you will need to use FRANELA CHROME POWDER AND TOP COAT TOP 2.0 or TOP 3.0  

It is simple and easy, the procedure is: 
  • apply  top coat Top 2.0 or Top 3.0 on a color surface or on neutral surface 
  • cure in uv lamp for 2 minutes or in led lamp for 1 minute
  • put a little powder on the brush and lightly rub in the powder 
  • with fast moves polish powder with brush (not with cotton)
  • apply finishing top coat over chrome powder
  •                                                                 cure in uv lamp for 2 minutes or 1 minute in led lamp


See more about chrome powderhow to apply it and required material for chrome powder


We will discover you one more secret. To get mirror effect in different colors, apply Franela Chrome powder on neon red, green, blue, black or on neutral color. You will get mirror effect in several colors, depending on the surface. All with just one chrome powder. Why?
Because Franela chrome powder is powder with mirror effect. It isn't chrome powder with a strong pigment and mirror effect. With one Franela chrome powder you are handling a palette of all colors. 

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