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We hold education for: 
•    Applying artificial nails - basic course 
•    Applying artificial nails - advanced course
•    Nail art – basic course 
•    Nail art – advanced course 
•    Gel polish – application and removal 


Educations and presentations are held: 
•    In our or your city 
•    Individual or in grups 

In our education, the emphasis is on practice. After completing the education, the participants are capable and ready to work alone. After completing the education, we provide support and and profesional assistance to all of our participants.

Our basic principle on which we develop our business: 
•    Follow trends 
•    Use only the best materials 
•    A proper and professional approach

The participants of our course will recive answers to the questions that are troubling them. Our education is precisely conceived and designed by educators with many years of experience in their work. 
FRANELA uv gel and gel polish is a high quality product with which is very easy to work. Uv gel and gel polish Franela can be combined. On our courses and presentations, we give you tips on how to get perfect results in your work combining the materials in a very simple and easy way. 

FRANELA products are innovative, they are following trends and they adjust themselves to various advanced techniques. By using a quality uv gels and gel polishes, the application of artificial nails becomes a true art, fun and pleasure and it provides to the cilent the sense of quality service. 

We organize educations in our or your city?  
We will reward the hosts of our group presentations and educations with a FRANELA gift package. On educations and presentations of products, you have the option of purchasing products at affordable prices with an extra discount. If you are interested for education and presentation in our or your city, please contact us on 091 3107007 or at e-mail irena@umjetninokti.hr



1. Getting to know the tools, supplies and material

Students learn which tools, supplies and materials are used in application of artificial nails. We explain what is the difference between the UV and LED lamp, which are the advantages of one and another, what are they used for and how are they used and cleaned; basic tool such as table lamp, we advise them what type of light to choose, how to use fan and sterilizer and what it is used for. 

After that, the basic hands and nails preparation is taught with a special emphasis on hygiene and health. We remind them on importance of conscientious work to ensure the health and safety of clients and their own, and maintain a good reputation of the salon.

The importance of wearing a surgical mask during work, especially during filing, and selecting suitable gloves and disinfectants is emphasized. Using photograps we learn to recognize skin and nails disorders so that we can properly advise clients and refer them to a doctor in the case of a medical problem.


2.1. The preparation of nail - After that, it starts with practical work. Disinfection of hands, preparation of tools is overcome. We will learn how to mattify the nail plate, what is primer and superbond, how to use them and by that prepare the nail for the next step - gel stage.

2.2. Types and function of gels - In gel stage firstly we are learning about types and function of gels by stages - base gel, building gel, french gel, gel in color and top coat. After that, the differences between buidling gel and gel 3in1 is explained with an emphasis on its advantages. The differences between different building gels -  transparent gel, pink gel, milky gel, masking gel, cover gel - is taught, what it is for and how to choose the  right one for a particular situation. 

2.3. Applying gel on natural nails. Forming "C-curve" - Then we through the demonstration learn how to properly apply gel to natural nails, in how many layers and how to cure them with an emphasis on forming so-called "C-curve". When we learn that, the students then practice on each other. 

2.4. Extending nails with a template 

Then it is learned how to properly use and set up a template for extending nails. We practice what it is learned. After that we demonstrate application of gel and formation of nails with templates. We establish the process of applying gel and we recall on importance of "C-curve" and practice its making.

2.5. Forming nails with a file - After formation of nails we explain what is uncured layer of gel, what is cleaner and how to use it to remove uncured layer. The differences between various types of files is taught - banana, wide zebra and narrow zebra - and what degree of roughness to choose.

Then the students learn the proper way of holding a file and how to shape a gel-made nail with it. They practice what is demonstrated on one another.

2.6. Shaping of nails - Through pictures and demonstration, we learn about different nail shapes - classic cubic, rounded cubic, rounded, almond, stiletto, ballerina - and how to choose proper form considering clients nails. Then we practically master the basic forms - classic and rounded cubic and rounded. Then, the students practice on one another.


After overcoming usage of tools and accessories and building of nails, we go through basic techniques of nail decorating.

3.1. Classic french - First we do classic french and we learn how to form a perfect smile-line. We explain the differences between natural and intensive french gel. Then the students practice that technique on one another.

3.2. Decorating with glitter - Then we learn basic application of glitter on whole nail plate and as well as the deep application of glitter.

3.3. Decorating with zircons - We demonstrate how to set zircons and fix them with gel with and without finishing top coat.

3.4. Application of gel in color - We learn how to apply gel in color by using proper brushes and technique.

3.5. Matte technique - We are doing the finish of decorating nails in shiny and matte version. We explain the process of matte version.

3.6. Chrome technique - We learn the chrome technique. We explain what is actually chorme, how it is applied, which base you will need and how to choose it.


After overcoming steps 1,2 and 3, we learn how to prepare already made nail for correction. We learn the metods of filing already existing gel, to what extend do we do it to make the nail ready for re-geling after a month. Here, we theoretically repeat steps 1,2 and 3 and we resolve any possible doubts, we answer questions and clarify possible uncertainties.


At the end, we learn how to completely remove gel and we give instructions on further nail care. We demonstrate the process with special emphasis on health of nails, doing so in a way that won't damage the natural nail plate. We leave time for practice of students.


After the course we discuss about things we learned, we answer on questions, consult and repeat what needs to be repeated.

Order a term for education and become a professional at the number: 091 3107007 or at e-mail: info@umjetninokti.hr 

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